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A great client onboarding experience is absolutely critical, regardless of whether you’re operating a crypto exchange, online brokerage, or dealing with high net worth clients. By embedding ESC Corporate Services solutions into your onboarding process, you can get your customers up and running faster than ever, minimizing the compliance headache and creating a great experience.

Embrace challenges facing your industry today

New Competition

The rise of robo advisors, discount brokerages, and new exchanges has changed the competitive landscape. Banks & traditional competitors are stepping up to deliver innovative services.


Increased transparency for fees with CRM2 creates an opportunity to poach or lose clients over lower fees or higher value-added services.

Consumer Choice

Whether it’s for investing in a low-cost ETF, creating a financial plan, or buying some Doge Coin, consumers are blessed with the choice of how to conduct their business. The platforms that can enhance the customer experience are the ones that will win.

How ESC Corporate Services can help you transform

Reduce customer dropoff

Verify more of your future customers instantly by using SIDni™ to connect with multiple FINTRAC-approved data sources to avoid pushing them into time-consuming and often frustrating onboarding processes.

Simplify compliance

Normalized responses from all data sources make audit and compliance a breeze.

Acquire more customers online

Use LEV® to instantly conduct due diligence on legal entities, including those used by high net worth individuals for investment purposes.

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