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Making money move

Demand for speed, value, convenience, and security drives innovation and competition in the payments ecosystem. Individuals and businesses need to send, receive, and manage their payments as a critical part of their personal and professional lives. The market for providing these services is red-hot, inviting competition and continuous improvement from existing and new players.

Embrace challenges facing today’s payments companies

Margin and fee compression

New technology and business models are enabling a new level of price competition for payments companies. Companies need to deliver strong value at the right price in order to thrive.

Avoiding the wrong customers

Fraudsters, money launderers, and bad actors rely on the payment ecosystem to move money and conduct their business. It’s critical for you to know your customer and have processes to detect and deter fraud.

Digitizing business payments

The speed, convenience, and experience that applies to retail payments will soon reach business payments. Businesses need to be able to transact on a global scale and are increasingly expecting speed & convenience from their providers.

How ESC Corporate Services can help you transform

Reduce operating expenses

In response to pressure on your fees, you need to ensure your back office processes are seamless and efficient, doing away with time-consuming and costly manual processes wherever possible.

Acquire Canadian-specific data

Global payments companies operating in Canada opt to work with ESC Corporate Services as a “one-stop-shop” to acquire the best data and KYC solutions for Canadian individuals and businesses. The nature of regulatory compliance means that local expertise, data-sets, and focus is critical to ensure doing business in Canada is as painless as possible.

Streamline your application process

Ensure more applicants are able to automatically go through your process and less fall to a manual process. This improves your ability to scale, reduces your cost structure, and creates a frictionless experience for your customers.

Build easily with simple APIs

Our solutions are well-documented and simple to implement, allowing you flexibility to integrate them directly into your existing systems and workflows without significant disruption to your team.

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