Legal Entity Validator

Make it your business to know your client’s business

LEV® enables fast, simple due diligence on legal entities in all jurisdictions across Canada. This provides valuable data to enable quick decision-making & digitization when lending, processing payments, or opening accounts for business customers in Canada


Benefits & Use Cases

Instantly verify legal entity information

Begin with the correct information about a legal entity before conducting additional due diligence or extending credit

Reduce errors from transposition

Feeding information from the profile report directly into your systems eliminates time-consuming and error-prone transposition

Simplify portfolio management & monitoring

LEV® makes it easier to monitor the active status of a company, and any changes to the public records associated with it

Pre-populate digital application forms

Pre-populating information from corporate documents can make the application process faster and easier for your clients

Acquire customers through any channel

Expand beyond geographical restrictions into new territory by enabling digital verification of your business clients

Corporate profile reports delivered in a way that works for you

LEV® can be used either as a stand alone web portal, or it can be integrated into your core systems through APIs. The application is able to feed parsed data results from the corporate documents directly into your systems, massively improving efficiency and reducing opportunities for error.

LEV® Features

Real time searches across all Canadian jurisdictions

LEV® enables you to search all Canadian federal and provincial jurisdictions from a single solution, giving you a complete picture of entities matching your query across Canada.

Normalized search results

LEV® normalizes the results across entity types and jurisdictions so you can find what you’re looking for, and make decisions quickly.

Available through API or web portal

There are two ways for your team to use LEV®; either by integrating directly into your existing systems and processes via an API, or used right out of the box through a web portal. These options give you flexibility to choose the best fit for your business.

Simple & clear documentation for your developers

LEV®’s API is supported by clear, easy-to-read documentation for your development team. It is designed to ensure you can integrate and launch quickly without much disruption to your business.

Parsed data elements from corporate documents

LEV® takes the PDF documents returned from corporate registries, and parses out the data into useable, normalized formats. This allows you to directly feed the inputs from the document into your system or application, reducing opportunities for errors, and streamlining the process.

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