Business Account Onboarding Platform

End-to-end digital KYC for business entities

Attestanet™ provides an “out of the box” solution for you to start acquiring business clients in a fully digital environment. By combining our LEV® and SIDni™ solutions into one seamless workflow, you can collect and verify the information you need to onboard a new business client in minutes. Attestanet™ combines the best of what is publicly available through authoritative data sources with information provided by your client to create a frictionless user experience.

Verify Legal Entity Information

Start by conducting a LEV® search to gather information on the legal entity; this gives you the basis for the transaction using official data

Collect additional KYC information from the applicant

Your client is then able to complement the data pulled from the corporate registry by providing additional details, and answering a configurable set of risk questions about their business


Instantly and digitally verify their identity

Once all of the information has been collected and the application is complete, the identity of the applicant is ready to be digitally verified using SIDni™

Attestanet™ Features & Benefits

Verify and validate the existence of any business entity

Attestanet™ pulls data from Canadian registries in real-time to verify the existence of a business entity, and validates the information provided by your client helping you to identify any discrepancies.

Custom monitoring of data

All data collected through Attestanet™ is custom-monitored over the course of the business relationship with your client to ensure compliance with the latest PCMFLTA (Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act) regulations.

Authorized attestor involvement

Authorized attestor involvement enhances the validation process by helping you to document any discrepancies between public records and customer statements i.e. the names and addresses of current directors and officers. An authorized attestor can also list the beneficial owners of the entity, answer a series of AML/AT risk questions, and use Attestanet’s™ built-in tool to choose the entity’s NAICS code.

Secure data storage

As a SOC2-compliant organization, ESC Corporate Services stores all data transferred through Attestanet™ with the highest standards, and in compliance with your own data retention and audit policies.

Multi-platform usage options

Attestanet™ provides full reporting in PDF format either online through a UI, or via data integration using a web service/XML.

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