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As a product or technology leader you thrive on building services to delight your users in a flexible and secure manner. You ensure your team has the support, tools, and partners to efficiently build & ship new solutions to enhance your product offerings. Securefact gives you the tool kit you need to design, develop and deploy with confidence and speed.

Areas of Opportunity

Developer-friendly, simple-to-integrate APIs

Your team benefits from clear documentation and a supportive team.

Protect information security and data residency

Automate and increase the efficiency of your team, freeing them up from lower value-added administrative activities to work on higher-value tasks that help move the needle.

Increase agility & development flexibility

Securefact’s easy-to-integrate APIs provide you with the flexibility to develop only the options you need, and maybe a few you didn’t know you wanted!


Business & Retail Banking

Wealth, Brokerage & Exchange

Payments & Remittance

Life & Property Insurance

Equipment & Auto Finance

Real Estate Brokerage

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KYC Technology Solutions

Verify Individuals

Verify Businesses


Non-face-to-face individual identity verification solution


Instant business verification & automatic due diligence solution


End-to-end business account opening & beneficial ownership solution

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