Finance & Operations Teams

A lean, mean, fighting machine

As your organization grows it’s critical to practice financial and operational discipline to protect your competitive advantages. Maximizing the productivity and effectiveness of your team and capital is what helps you maintain an edge. ESC Corporate Services solutions are built to help drive both cost and human capital efficiencies with your teams, and processes surrounding the onboarding of new customers.

Areas of Opportunity

Improve back-office efficiency

Implement standarized, repeatable processes that help digitize many of the tasks involved with onboarding a new client.

Increase sales channel productivity

Give the gift of time back to your sales & customer acquisition teams by focussing less on paperwork, and more on building strong relationships and seeking new sources of revenue.

Reduce the cost to acquire customers

Part of the allure of digital channels is that it allows for the profitable acquisition of new classes of customers, and reduces the cost and speed to onboard for your existing customer base.

Business & Retail Banking

Wealth, Brokerage & Exchange

Payments & Remittance

Life & Property Insurance

Equipment & Auto Finance

Real Estate Brokerage

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KYC Technology Solutions

Verify Individuals

Verify Businesses


Non-face-to-face individual identity verification solution


Instant business verification & automatic due diligence solution


End-to-end business account opening & beneficial ownership

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