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Turn your digital strategy into a real engine of growth

With today’s rapidly-evolving banking landscape, competition is changing as Canada’s largest banks, challengers, and credit unions all invest heavily in digital experiences to attract and retain new and existing customers. Savvy bankers embrace this opportunity to look toward innovative solutions that drive new customer growth, delight existing customers, and reduce the cost of doing business.

Embrace the challenges facing today’s retail & business banks

Meeting enhanced customer expectations

Customers are increasingly expecting a fast and simple, personalized solution in both their personal and financial lives. The financial institutions that can embrace this shift will be able to thrive, and delight their customers.

Balancing risk & customer experience

Digital channels create new sources of risk and opportunities for fraud. Financial institutions often have to choose between seamless customer experiences and pragmatic risk management. ESC’s solutions help you to balance risk management with customer experience so you can focus on your bottom line.

Facing traditional & new sources of competition

The rise of FinTech and tech-enabled banking has changed the competitive landscape for both retail and business banking. Customer-focused digital strategies, and strong execution are critical to thriving in this new era.

How ESC Corporate Services can help you transform

Create a frictionless, omnichannel customer experience

Time and effort are priceless in today’s busy world. With ESC Corporate Services KYC solutions, your clients can provide you with the information you need by using their own device, on their own time while you work toward providing them the best omnichannel experience possible.

Expand into new market segments and geographies

By using digital KYC solutions, you’re no longer bound by geographical restrictions as you can reach more potential clients through a variety of online channels, and onboard them virtually

Acquire more customers through a variety of channels

Not every customer is the same which is why it’s important to provide as many options as possible. ESC Corporate Services KYC solutions allow for digital verification of customers who are on-the-go to supplement your existing onboarding processes and procedures

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