About Securefact

Built on a foundation of exceptional software, expert advice and authoritative data, Securefact is the global hub for Know Your Customer and registry information and expertise.

A trusted partner of the Financial Services Industry, Regulators and Governments, Securefact was founded in 1995 and is privately owned with its head office in Toronto.

Everything we do is based on our foundation of:

1. Exceptional software

Our solutions are designed and developed to ensure that the user experience is simple, intuitive, and delightful.

With standard API's and web user interfaces, we make implementation seamless, secure and easy.

Our software improves customer conversion and increases efficiencies, while ensuring regulatory compliance.

2. Expert advice

With a team of internationally recognized experts, we provide straightforward insights and guidance on financial crimes risk management.

Recognized as leaders in financial risk compliance, we provide actionable advice that is trusted by the Financial Services Industry, Regulators, and Governments.

3. Authoritative data

Trusted by customers, regulators and governments for accurate, compliant information, we are the authoritative source for proprietary and public data.

At the centre of the Know Your Customer ecosystem, we enable risk decision makers to better understand their customers.

Your Compliance Partner - for AML Advisory and Customer Onboarding Solutions

The obligations of entities that need to report to FINTRAC, FINCEN and other regulatory bodies are constantly changing, whether you are a bank, credit union, MSB or other financial entities. At the same time, there is an increasing need for all entities to be more efficient, manage costs and constantly evolve the customer experience for the better.

You can be confident that your organization is compliant when you partner with Securefact, and utilizing our deep industry expertise, experience and proven technology solutions, we work with you to meet the ever-changing regulatory requirements efficiently, effectively and ensure a great end user experience.

Our History

Securefact has been creating and delivering innovative solutions to the financial services industry for 20 years. As technology changed, so did the sophistication of the services offered, however; the commitment to making our clients' lives easier has not changed.