SIDni - Secure Identification Network for Individuals

Securefact's SIDniTM (Secure Identification Network for Individuals) is a proprietary service that provides instant digital identify verification of individual Name, Address, Date of birth against multiple authoritative databases to ensure higher ID verification rate, enabling customer friendly account onboarding.  



  • Provides instant digital ID verification against authoritative data sources for:
    • Name,
    • Address,
    • Date of birth, and
    • 3-year credit file existence
  • Validates address existence
  • Integrates through web services (API)
  • Ensures a higher ID verification rate by using multiple sources (credit file or dual source process)


  • Meets FINTRAC guidelines for customer-not-present ID verification
  • Enables real-time digital onboarding
  • Eliminates the data collection burden from front-line staff
  • Provides better KYC customer experience
  • Allows strong audit controls – SIDniTM captures full historical transaction data
  • Documentation of process readily available to insert into your KYC policies
  • Simple API integration
  • Cost effective

SIDniTM can also be used to validate the signing authorities within Securefact’s AttestanetTM commercial account onboarding solution.