LienPerfect™ is used by banks, credit unions and leasing companies to automate and accelerate approvals.


Accelerate Loan and Leasing Approvals

Gain a competitive advantage by reducing time required to to conduct search and registrations necessary to comply with Personal Property Security Act. Use LienPerfect™ to get easier access to critical information faster using fewer resources and less manual work.

Improve Productivity, Accuracy and Measurement

Automate and improve PPSA due diligence processes for registration, amendments, renewals and discharges. Replace antiquated, manual work and customize LienPerfect™ to create better efficiencies to search, register and monitor liens.

Reduce Risk and Defaults

Use one online integrated interface and account to search multiple registries to better assess risk of a prospective customer. Access, leverage and use real time critical data to protect your loans and customer base. Directly feed verified KYC data through our LEV® solution to your security agreement and registration services.

Key Features

LienPerfect™ is designed to integrate with your core systems and works with other Securefact software services. Consider using the full Securefact Solution suite including Attestanet™, SIDni™ and LEV®

Single Platform Solution

Retrieve, file, register, amend, modify, renew, continue, terminate or discharge in all registries with integrated business rules to address each jurisdiction’s specific data input requirements and comprehensive reporting and full audit capabilities.

Comprehensive PPSA Searching

Perform searches by multiple parties in any jurisdiction in a single order, by Individual and/or Business Debtor, Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), or by Registration number. The search results will determine all liens registered under the respective search criteria as well as list the registration details and any other registration details that form part of the lien.

Web-based access anytime, anywhere

Easy to use, fully automated processing includes a dashboard providing a one-stop view of work in progress, a complete archive of all your data – accessible for as long as you need it and verified entity name validation prior to registering – wherever you are, whenever you need access.

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The Securefact team are here to help you get answers, provide you with insights and solutions in the ever changing compliance, know your customer and secured lending areas. You can leverage our expertise, experience and track record of offering compliance and loan origination related software and advisory services focused on protecting companies from risk and regulatory scrutiny, penalties, embarrassment, operational disruption and bankruptcy. Our passion is to build great software, deliver great services and have long lasting relationships with customers and giving them confidence in compliance.


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