The Securefact Financial Crime Risk Management Practice launched in Dec. 2015 continues to evolve and grow, expanding its client base and increasing staffing. Recently, Suzanne Seto, Ph.D, CPA (US) joined Securefact to play a senior role in building the Financial Crime Risk Management (FCRM) Practice. Seto comes from Honda Canada, where she had served as Compliance and Ethics Secretariat and Manager of Corporate Governance. Prior to that she was Manager of Corporate Governance, Risk, Compliance and Legal at Honda Canada Finance Inc. In addition and since 2013, Seto is an Adjunct Professor – who taught the Enterprise Risk Management MBA Program at the Institut Superieur Europeen de Gestion in Paris and is just about to start teaching the Master of Financial Accountabilty (MFAcc) program on Enterprise Risk Management at York University.

New anti-money laundering and corporate governance experts, including Jack Bensimon, B.A. (Hon), LL.M, CIMA, CAMS of Black Swan Diagnostics Inc. and Moh Datoo, a Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) and CA (UK) who is a noted AML Remediation expert, are bringing in additional expertise and counsel to Securefact’s FCRM practice and Network. The Securefact FCRM Network is a new program being developed and will officially launch in the fall of 2016. Matthew McGuire, who has provided tremendous insight to clients and laid some of the initial groundwork for building the FCRM practice, is transitioning out of Securefact.

“It has been a rewarding professional challenge to apply AML risk management theories and practices to product development, and to guide clients through the practical and efficient approaches to achieving regulatory compliance and financial crime risk management,” says Matthew McGuire. “I wish the Securefact team all the best”.

“We appreciate the insight and thinking that Matthew McGuire brought to Securefact in helping to establish the Financial Crime Risk Management Practice and the development of our Attestanet™ software solution and a new identity offering in development. We wish him well as he moves on to new endeavours,” says Securefact CEO David Sudbury. “We’ve got a great team and are pleased with our growth. Our model for building the Financial Crime Risk Management Practice continues to evolve, and we’re building a team of dedicated experts, some who will be full time, while others will be contribute on a project-specific basis, depending on the needs of our clients. This model gives us increased flexibility while enabling us to tailor our offering to the issues of our clients and the market.”

The Payments Canada Summit 2017

Securefact is proud to be a silver sponsor at The Payments Canada Summit 2017 taking place this Tuesday through to Friday in Toronto. Come visit us in booth #34 and discuss the five ways you can turn compliance obligations into your competitive advantage. 5 Ways to...