Securefact recently sponsored and attended the Canadian Financing and Leasing Association (CFLA) Annual Conference this past September. The 2016 event was a big success and congratulations to David Powell, President & Chief Executive Officer and the CFLA team!

If you lease equipment and/or automobiles or provide products and services to this industry the CLFA is a key association you need to join. This organization has their pulse on where the industry has been and where it is heading. Their annual conference is a great place to learn, network and engage with professionals in the industry and we encourage you to read the 2015-16 annual report for an update on the Canadian market, their advocacy work and a breakdown of the membership. In addition, there are photos from the event and CFLA members can access videos and presentations as well.

To those members who attended our peer networking dinner at Peller Estates thank you! We look forward to continuing the conversation in the coming months.

Key Takeaways from CLFA Annual Conference

We sat down with Securefact’s President and CEO, David Sudbury to get his thoughts on this year’s event. Hi-lites of the interview and the recorded version of it are below. You can listen to the interview here as well.

  • 00:00: General thoughts on the event and takeaways from two sessions: Maximizing Recovery from Insolvent Customers (presented by Miller Thomson LLP and sponsored by Securefact) and The Pretenders and Loans to Other Imaginary Debtors: The Risks and Responses to Identity Theft and Synthetic Identities (Securefact was on panel). Listen to why David considers this a growing issue for equipment lessors and auto lenders especially at the 3 year mark in the life of a lease.
  • 04:18: Securefact’s KYC products and the value they offer to CFLA members in the automation and verification of individuals, corporate entities and anti-money and anti-terrorist laundering compliance.
  • 04:53: Securefact’s perspective on the CFLA partnership, commitment to the industry and CFLA members along with a brief summary of how our peer networking dinner went.
  • 07:32: David hi-lites in more detail the range of products and services offered by Securefact to equipment lessors and automobile financing companies including:
    • Lien Perfect: for lien search and registry services for collateral protection
    • Legal Entity Validation and Corporate Profile Reporting: to ensure you build an accurate customer file via automation and data validation
    • Attestanet: for regulatory compliance reporting on beneficial ownership for commercial customers and as part of a KYC digital onboarding experience
    • SIDni (secure identity network): for identity verification allows retail and commercial lenders to authenticate the identity of the individual applying for credit​

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This post has been written by members of Securefact’s AML Advisory and Financial Crime Risk Management division, consisting of industry experts, committed to managing your Financial Crime Risks and ensuring that you are compliant with the latest AML regulatory requirements. 

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