Advisory services and Financial Crimes Risk Management experts are available to Securefact clients in the financial services and real estate sectors.

Advisory Services

Get Advice From Experts

Get access to a team of people with the experience and expertise in risk management and regulatory compliance to play pivotal role in the development, integration and customer adoption of your existing and new RegTech services suite.  Our advisory services and network are the human face of RegTech.

Build a Strategy & Framework

Take advantage of strategies and best practices used by the advisory services team in order to digitally transform while putting in place a compliance regime that protects you and your customers. Use our framework and services to assess your organization’s risk, on-board and monitor customers, augment the skills of your staff and adopt the technologies that make the most sense.

Customized Compliance

The regulatory compliance rules that your company must abide by are standard and applicable to all organizations in your sector. What is different however is your company. What makes your company different matters and this should factor into your company’s compliance regime. An advisory team can customize a compliance program based on your organization’s needs, risk profile, in-house capabilities and skills.

Service Options

Event Based

Our advisory services team offers event based service engagements. Examples include: risk assessments, independent reviews and AML program remediation pre/post audit.

Solution Based

A more advanced service engagement for organizations in need of a compliance regime review, a new or updated regulatory compliance program and potentially the deployment of RegTech solutions

Resource Based

Consider outsourcing certain components of your compliance regime.  Our Virtual CAMLO (Chief Anti-Money Laundering Officer) service provides the expertise you need, when and where you need it

Let’s Connect

The Securefact team are here to help you get answers, provide you with insights and solutions in the ever changing compliance, know your customer and secured lending areas. You can leverage our expertise, experience and track record of offering compliance and loan origination related software and advisory services focused on protecting companies from risk and regulatory scrutiny, penalties, embarrassment, operational disruption and bankruptcy. Our passion is to build great software, deliver great services and have long lasting relationships with customers and giving them confidence in compliance.



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