LEV - Commercial Name Validation Service

Today's risk environment is constantly evolving. Ensuring you have identified the correct legal name of a company is the first step in meeting your KYC (Know Your Customer) requirements.

About LEV®

Securefact's Legal Entity Validator® (LEV) is a proprietary service that provides instant public records verification of the name and status of any entity such as a corporation, partnership, government body or association, regardless of jurisdiction. Extensive proprietary technology development means we are the only company to offer this product.


Up-to-date live data from each of the 14 Canadian corporate registries:

  • Exact spelling of registered name
  • Entity type and current legal status
  • Date and jurisdiction of formation
  • "Similar" matches – you set the rules to best suit your business
  • Automatic delivery of additional search requirements with the LEV® report; such as Corporation Profile or any public record search
  • Home or Extra Provincial jurisdiction status
  • Ongoing monitoring of name and status changes
  • Flexible search retention policy, central repository of all your search data
  • Normalized reporting, regardless of jurisdiction
  • Directly feed verified KYC data into your security agreement and registration services


Integrating our LEV® service within your existing on-boarding workflow can dramatically reduce your processing time and effort and increase accuracy, risk mitigation and regulatory compliance.

  • Supports compliance with OSFI and other regulators' KYC requirements & Anti-Money Laundering/Anti-Terrorism Legislation
  • Reduce your risk assessment by not relying on client-provided information
  • Improved customer experience
  • Secure service delivery, the way you want it: web browser, mobile or full integration via web services for enterprise clients
  • Opportunity to eliminate document review and storage, resulting in cost reductions
  • Consistent normalized enterprise view, reduced training requirements, reduced communication errors
  • Bilingual subject matter experts available Monday to Saturday